Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Music I've Been Loving A Lot Recently

I love music. I’m always listening to the radio, a playlist, Spotifty etc but I usually stick to the same ol’ stuff. Recently though, I’ve been trying to explore new artists and genres and I’ve discovered (as well as rediscovered) a love for some pretty great albums which I wanted to share with you…

THE 1975
After having loved the debut album, I decided that when I walked past HMV the other day, that I had to go in and buy their newer album, I LIKE IT WHEN YOU SLEEP, FOR YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL YET SO UNAWARE OF IT. I already knew that I liked their music, so was expecting to love this newer album too, which I do! I really like She’s American and The Sound which I’d heard before as they’re singles so have been playing on the radio a lot. But I also love UGH! (which I’ve just realised is also a single, but I’d never heard it before!) and Paris. I haven’t listen enough yet to be able to distinguish all the songs from each other yet, but I am loving the overall sound and style of the album so far!

At the same time that I bought the above album, I also bought BLURRYFACE by Twenty One Pilots. I’d taken an immediate liking to both Stressed Out and Ride when I heard them on the radio, and so when I was on Spotify and wondering who I should listen to in order to further develop my taste in music, I saw it as a great chance to listen to the rest of the album. I didn’t get much of a chance to listen to it, and then I decided that I would just go ahead and buy a physical copy of the album so I could have it on my phone and be able to play it without wifi. Turns out, it’s a great album and although I haven’t yet listened to it enough to know each individual song, I’m already really liking it! (Actually, I’m playing music on my iTunes atm, and Tear In My Heart just came on – so I’ve realised that actually I do already know this one well enough to remember that it’s one of my faves from the album.) I’m so glad that I did buy it because it’s a completely different sound to the kind of music that I usually stick to and it’s really nice to have discovered something new!

ed sheeran
On the subject of the type of music I do usually go for, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with DIVIDE by Ed Sheeran. I have listened to it pretty much every single day since it came out on 3rd March and I love it so much. This album is literally such a variety of different sounds; there’s Shape of You at one end of the spectrum, being very digital and then you have Nancy Mulligan at the other end, with a very Irish/Country music vibe. My favourite song is without a doubt, Galway Girl but New Man/Barcelona/Bibia Be Ye Ye (I just can’t decide!) is still a close 2nd and What Do I Know? has such uplifting lyrics and makes me really happy whenever I listen to it. If you’ve somehow managed to not hear any of the songs, then I really do think you should have a listen because the album is a mix of so many different genres/sounds and so I’m sure there’ll be at least one song (or the whole album?!) that you’ll love! :)

Ever since MYLO XYLOTO first came out and my family and I listened to it on repeat for one of our family holidays, I have loved the album. It’s definitely one of my favourite albums (and possibly the favourite one) of all time. Recently I transferred it onto my phone and have listened to it so much again, being reminded of how much I love it. Hurts Like Heaven (pre-ceded by Mylo Xyloto) is such a brilliant song to listen to and just thoroughly enjoy. It’s one of those songs that just makes you want to sing at the top of your voice whilst dancing crazily in your room! I also love Charlie Brown and Princess of China (featuring Rhianna), and they’re some of the few songs that whenever they come on, I never skip because they’re a joy to listen to.

The reminder of how much I love MYLO XYLOTO made me question why I’ve never listened to A HEAD FULL OF DREAMS even though my dad has owned it since it came out?! Seriously, why did I not think to do that?! Anyway – it’s fantastic. Coldplay have a real unique quality about them that I can never quite explain to myself, but all of their music is such a high standard and often like nothing else you’d hear from any other artist/song/band or whatever. Two of my favourite songs on the album are Fun and Army of One. (The latter actually has a hidden track which I’ve always found super exciting on an album and so this is no exception!) Kaleidoscope is such an unusual song and entirely different to everything else I’ve heard before. It’s almost an eerie sound, but a happy-sounding eerie (?) – it’s frankly very weird – but I absolutely love it. I think Coldplay are so good at that; they can make a song that anywhere else or by anybody else wouldn’t work sound amazing and I don’t know how they do it! – Actually, no. I do know how they do it; talent. Lots and lots of talent.

Florence and the machine
Again, another ‘older’ album that I’ve rediscovered recently, is LUNGS. This is nearly 8 years old, and like the Coldplay album, I have a clear memory of listening to on an old family holiday. I was in the car with my friend and his family (who’d also come with us) on our way to the beach, and I can clearly remember us all laughing and singing to the album and it now just makes me so happy to listen to it now as it reminds me of that holiday! Anyway, Dog Days Are Over is a hugely uplifting song and was always my favourite, but I think Cosmic Love has actually overtaken it now!! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the former, but Cosmic Love is such a great song and I can't help but love it. I really think that I need to listen to some of the band’s newer stuff, and I’m pretty sure we actually have a copy of CEREMONIALS so I’ll have a listen to that soon!

So those are 6 of the albums I have been obsessed with recently! It’s quite a mix, but they’re all so great in completely different ways! What are some of your favourite albums to listen to?