Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What I've Done This Summer

Believe it or not, in the UK we do actually have a summer, I know, what?!?! - Usually temperatures can get up to 30ºC which for us Brits is very hot. Unfortunately, this year has been a whole other story. Yes, we did have a heat wave week (which thankfully was the week of my birthday) when the UK's hottest ever temperature was recorded, but other than that, we've endured a majority of rainy days and April-like temperatures *sighs*

Now, summer is without a doubt my favourite season. I always think that it brings out the best in everyone! People are enjoying being outside and not having to worry about bringing layers and layers of clothing just to keep warm! There's something about the need for sunglasses and the clear blue sky that I find so satisfying!

If I'm honest, I have felt a little bit deprived this summer because I've barely been able to wear shorts! To me, summer means wearing shorts and dresses, but it just hasn't been hot enough! Okay, I obviously haven't been needing a coat or gloves, so I guess jeans are a good compromise, but it would have been nice to wear shorts, yanno what I mean?!

Even if I am complaining about the weather, this holiday has been just as great. We've been able to do lots of cool things during my parents' two weeks off! I'm going to show you some pictures I've taken from our outings, I hope you enjoy!

We went to Aldeburgh which is a coastal town in Suffolk. It's a couple of hours drive away from where we live, but we've been there several times before, and we keep going back because we love it so much! This time we went with my Grandma, Grandad and my Auntie. If you're from the UK I'm sure you'll agree that Fish and Chips (or what ever you have instead) is an absolute must when you're at the seaside, so of course we had some! (Aldeburgh have the best Fish and Chips!!) I don't think it's really a 'thing' anywhere else in the world because it's quite British, but I can't imagine going to the beach and not having some!

One day we went on a beautifully relaxing boat trip along the river. It was two hours long, so me and my sister took a book to read for some of the journey. It was lovely feeling the breeze and hearing the gentle splash of the water. 

Another day we went to the beach. It was one of those beaches which is partly sand and partly pebbled. This was one of the few really hot days so we knew there would be loads of people going to the coast, so we decided to go to a more rural beach. It was lovely, because it wasn't packed like some of the more popular beaches, but it wasn't deserted either! There was just the right amount of people there for it to be perfect!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What have you been up to this summer?

Thank you to everyone for reading,

Love as always, Georgia xxx

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P.S. All of the photos were taken by me; sorry there weren't a great deal of photos! I was scrolling through, choosing some to include and I realised that the vast majority of them had either me or my family in them! I know there are other bloggers who have pictures of them on their blogs and I really admire them for it! I hope in the future I'll have built up enough confidence to do the same! I love you all xxx