Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Ah, procrastination. That wonderful thing that everybody hates, but will always prioritise over anything that's actually important. We've all procrastinated at least once in our lives (maybe more than once for most of us), haven't we? If you're one of the very very few people that haven't, then well done, but...How?!

Here's some of the things that'll help you to procrastinate. (So basically, do the opposite if you want to actually get things done.)

1. Keep Your Room Messy
Especially your desk. That's it, anything that could easily be put away shove on your desk or on your floor. That way, when it comes to doing homework or anything similar, you'll have to tidy everything away so that you've got space ...

2. Make Sure Your WiFi Is Always On
WiFi is probably the world's biggest distraction, so by having it switched on, you'll always be able to check Twitter to see what's changed in the last 3 minutes. After which you'll be blessed with the fabulous knowledge that one celeb has just had a cheese toastie, and that another one has posted a picture of their new year's gym resolution. So it's essential to have WiFi on at all times to keep yourself from the 'trauma' of getting things done...

3. Give In To Your 'Desperation' For Food
If you don't have substantial food throughout the day then when it comes to important things, you'll always be able to distract yourself by going to the kitchen cupboards and eating whatever you fancy. When you're debating whether or not to go and check to see if any new snacks have grown in the cupboard in the last half an hour, be sure to always double check - you never know, and on the plus side, it means being less productive, right?



I hope you all enjoyed this post. I'm very very guilty of procrastination, so writing this post helped me to realise what makes me do it. Hopefully you found it interesting to read, and I hope you'll feel more encouraged to get things done from now on!!

Hope you're all well,

Love as always,