Monday, 12 September 2016

13 Things I Want To Do Before The End Of Year 13

As I've said in the title, I'm in year 13. If there is anyone reading who isn't from the UK (if there is, that's soo cool! please say hi!) then year 13 is for 17-18 year olds and is the final year before university. I did 4 AS Levels last year and I, like most other students, have dropped one (Psychology) and then taking 3 on to A Level. The subjects I'm taking are Maths, Business and Economics.

So here are 13 things I want to do before I reach the end of year 13!

1. Get decent predicted grades.
My AS results from last year count for our predicted grades which help us get into university. I was really pleased with my grades so I'm hoping I'll get good enough predicted ones!

2. Continue reading for leisure.
I'm surrounded by lots of people who are reading books for their subjects or to help improve their University personal statements. But as I want to do either Maths or Finance, reading books for my subjects aren't really as beneficial. So I want to continue reading for my own pleasure as I have honestly been so happy this summer reading lots of books and I do not want that to stop.

3. Step out of my comfort zone.
Literally for just the smallest of things. I'm quite very introverted and shy, but I'd love for me to be able to have overcome that, even just the slightest bit.

4. Buy my own copies of the Harry Potter series.
Don't think I haven't read them - of course I have! I love Harry Potter, seriously love it, but the copies we have are our family copies and I really want to have copies that are mine so I can have them on my own shelf and take them with me if I go to Uni.

5. Aim for an A* in maths.
Maths has always been my favourite subject. I know so many people absolutely hate maths and I find that so strange because I just love it! I guess it's just a bit like Marmite; you either love it or you hate it - and I love it! It's always been my best subject and some of my proudest achievements are my GCSE and AS Maths results. I'm definitely not one of those people who would be angry and accusing for getting "only" 90% in an exam, and so I'll be proud of whatever result I do get this year, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for an A* in maths. I just get so much happiness out of that subject and knowing that I potentially am capable of achieving it makes me want to get it even more!

6. Get fitter.
Notice that I've said get fitter instead of get fit. There's a difference, and getting fitter will be much easier than getting fit - so I'll try that one!

7. Go to my first concert.
I mentioned in a previous post that I had bought tickets along with a few friends to see Selena Gomez which would have been my first concert! But unfortunately, she cancelled her tour due to illness and her wanting to take time off. I totally support her decision, but it's just sad because I know she would have been incredible live. I would love to be able to go to my first concert this year - even if it's not to see Selena :(

8. Save money.
If I do end up going to Uni next September, then I'm going to need to save up. Because I've seen those living costs and they're not cheap...!

9. Value kindness.
I'd like to think I'm a kind person, but I want to be kinder. After talking to my friend recently I realised that kindness is such an underrated quality but such an invaluable trait to have. I want to have this quality.

10. Develop my Feminist views.
I did a college research project on Feminism and since, I have developed my knowledge and opinions of gender equality in a way which I'm very proud of. I want to continue learning about this vital topic so that I know more about the world around me.

11. Go and see Fantastic Beasts.
This won't be hard because friends and I have already decided to go and see it together when it comes out. Although I don't have my tickets yet, I still have a couple of months to get them, and as it's a film, I'm sure tickets will be much easier to get hold of than for The Cursed Child - or at least I'm hoping so!

12. Buy a new bike.
This won't do any favours for the saving money thing, but I don't actually have a bike at the moment and after watching the Olympics and seeing every one of Team GB's cyclists win a medal - many of them gold - really inspired me to get cycling. Laura Trott was just incredible and she's still so young, and I genuinely think in years to come she will be the most decorated British Olympian in history.

13. Take lots and lots of photos.
This is my final year of compulsory education and after that many of my friends and I are hoping to go to University meaning we won't see each other as often. I want to take loads of photos to remember the great times we'll have.

And there are 13 things I want to do before the end of year 13.

What things do you want to do this year?