Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Best Shampoo I've Ever Used

Hello everyone, apologies for my absence once again...I hope you're all feeling fabulous and are enjoying life! Just to let you know, I have changed my blog name back to Georgie Blue(on everything except Bloglovin' - It doesn't want to let me change the name at the moment but I'm working on it!) I originally called it this so I coordinated it with my URL, but when the blog was called Georgia Charlotte, the name and URL didn't match. And now they do, which makes me happy :)

Today I think there is something I need to share with you, and that is...


So, what is this shampoo you ask? Well my friends, I can tell you that it is the: "Neutrogena Anti Residue Shampoo".

On my holiday to Italy in 2013 (I think), my hair got to that stage where it just built up residue from other shampoos which I was completely unable to remove (does anyone else know what I mean? Is it just me?) It was weird because the parts of my hair that I see when looking in the mirror were absolutely fine, but when brushed my hair at the back of my head, it felt really greasy, and I can tell you that it wasn't nice!

My mum (as mums do) knew how to sort it out. She told me that she used to buy this shampoo occasionally and it was flawless, so of course we had to buy another bottle for me to use (and for her to use some again!) 
After one use, my hair was washed completely free of all the residue, even removing the residue that you didn't know was there! My hair felt so silky smooth and I was so pleased with it! The bottle recommends that you use it once a week and then use your regular shampoo, but I use it only when my hair builds up noticeable residue. This way, not only does it last longer, but your hair feels so much nicer when you do use it!!

I'll be honest - it's not cheap (at around £7 for 175ml), but any of you who have read any of my other posts may know that I love finding bargains! So for me to be recommending this to you is a big thing for me! It does work wonders and is totally worth the price if not more! The only down side is that as far as I'm aware, most drugstores have stopped stocking it, so on the two occasions that we have bought it (yes 2 bottles since 2 years ago - yes you really don't need it that often!) we've bought it either from amazon or ebay! - Don't worry, you can buy new bottles, not just half used ones haha!!

Here are some links to the products, although I'm sure if you just search the name, you can find other bottles elsewhere: 

Let me know if you fancy buying a bottle, and what you think of it if you do buy one!! Trust me, I think it's amazing!!

Thanks for being patient with me even when I haven't posted a lot, 
Lots of Love

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