Friday, 29 January 2016

Film Review: "The Danish Girl"

I'd been wanting to see this film for ages, even before I knew what the story was. I just knew Eddie Redmayne was in it, and therefore I knew it would be amazing. I'll happily tell you all that Eddie Redmayne is my favourite actor because every film that I've seen him in, he's played a completely unique role, but has managed to play it so unbelievably perfectly that you can't not love his work.

Anyway, I'd finally gotten round to buying a ticket to see this after finding space in a very busy overlapping college schedule, and I was not disappointed.

The story is based on a true one, following the life of Einer Wegener and his wife Gerda (wonderfully played by Alicia Vikander), a pair of artists living in 1920s Copenhagen, Denmark. After helping his wife by dressing as a woman for her to paint, Einer starts to dress as a female, taking on the new name of Lili Elbe - a decision to which Gerda  is very supportive. After Lili's wishes, she decides to have one of the first ever sex changes in order to become completely herself.

It is such a beautiful story, and incredibly powerful. Once again, Eddie Redmayne's acting was phenomenal, understanding the characters and portraying them so perfectly in a way that so few actors would be able.


I think this is up there with one of my favourite films, as it's so unique, but so powerful and entrancing. I thoroughly recommend that you'd go and see this for yourself as you really won't want to miss it!

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Disclaimer: This film is rated a 15 in the UK and it does contain some sex scenes and full nudity. Therefore you will need to seek permission from a guardian before going to see this if under 15. I cannot be held responsible for anyone who sees this film underage without permission, but I do hope that anyone who does see it will enjoy it and appreciate the beautiful story as much as I have. 

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