Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Thoughts on University


I'm in my first year of sixth form. Well actually, now we've finished exams, we've started the A2 curriculum/specification which is daunting, especially as it brings University even closer.

Ever since I was little, I've always loved learning and therefore I've always had the mindset that I want to go to University. Now that it's closer, I don't think I'm considering that I don't want to go, just whether I'm actually ready.

Everything has come around so quickly. I know everyone says it, and you're probably bored of hearing it, but it absolutely does. What seems like a week ago, I was starting GCSEs and before I know it, I'm starting to look at Universities, and it's utterly terrifying. I know what I want to study and I have ideas of cities I'd like to be in, but it's becoming much more 'real' which is making me doubt myself slightly.

Don't get me wrong, the prospect of studying for a degree that I love, in an exciting new city, living with people who may become life-long friends is so wonderfully exciting, but moving out is slightly less so. I feel like I've barely changed since I was about 13, and although I do in fact know that I have changed a lot, it still feels surreal.

Even though I feel like I'm having doubts, I think it's more that I can't believe it's come around so quickly! I've gone ahead and booked open days, so the next three Saturdays I will be exploring new campuses and cities and it really excites me. I've heard of people going to visit Universities and having that overwhelming sense of "wow, this is where I want to study" and the thought that potentially I could feel that is incredible. Of course, I may not get that feeling on the first couple of open days, but I have a few more lined up that I'm hoping to visit in the Autumn term. We have to apply for 5 different Unis (or it's recommended to do so) and I've got 5/6 in mind that I'd like to visit.

I think it's definitely important to remember not to worry. It's daunting, yes. But thoroughly exciting. University is an incredible experience, but it's not for everybody and there are plenty of other alternatives; University is not the 'be all and end all' as they say!

Are you applying for Universities in the Autumn like I'm hoping to? How are you feeling about it? Are you already at Uni and if you are then how are you feeling? I'd love to hear from you!