Tuesday, 16 August 2016

July Favourites

As you may have read in my previous post (which you can read HERE) I actually was almost organised enough to publish my June favourites; yep, it was all written and everything, I just had one picture left to take but didn't take it before I went on holiday and by the time I was back, it was August, so definitely too late to publish it. So here I am, almost crying as I'm deleting the post, and rewriting, but it's okay because I have lots of favourites from July to tell you about (even if it probably is bordering on too late to publish this one too...)

Film Favourite: 'Captain Phillips' Film
We watched this as a family on a lazy afternoon in Italy and I absolutely loved it. It's based on the true story of Richard Phillips, the captain of a large cargo ship which got hijacked by pirates in 2009. It's quite scary knowing that this actually happened, but Tom Hanks (who plays Phillips) is absolutely phenomenal in this film. He portrays the emotion so ridiculously well, and I've now decided that Tom Hanks is my favourite actor. It's definitely not a lighthearted film, but if you don't mind that, then I would definitely suggest that you watch it.

Music Favourite: 'Revival' Album, by Selena Gomez
I. Love. This. Album.
I have listened to it sooo much recently and genuinely love all the songs on there. My favourites are probably 'Sober' and Cologne' although they're all amazing. I love the album so much, that my friends and I have booked tickets to see her Revival world tour in just a few months! It'll be my first concert and I think it'll be an incredible first concert to go to!

Fashion Favourite: Nike Shoes
I found these shoes in a Sports Direct outlet a couple of months ago, but I've been wearing them soo much in July. They're so comfy and go with everything, aand because I'm a size 5, I got them in the Junior sizes so they were cheaper! I got them for only £19.99!!

Random Favourite: Pokemon Go
I'll admit it, I'm loving this app. I don't actually see why people have a problem with it; it's getting people out and about, even if it is only through an app. Surely being outside just to catch virtual creatures is better than being on an app indoors?..and those little creatures are pretty cute; here are my faves from the ones I've caught:

Beauty Favourite: Zoella Beauty, Tutti Frutti Range Body Lotion
I would actually like to apologize for how bad a picture this is...oops
I do realise that this range has just stopped being sold, but I'd ordered two of the body lotions a while ago because I hadn't tried the range and I wanted to do so before I couldn't any longer. I took one on holiday with me (I had already tried it before this) because I thought the fruity scent would be better suited to the very hot weather of Italy, and I loved it. It was so refreshing and great because I don't cope well in heat, so this was a great option for the weather.

So that's it for this post. I know I haven't mentioned many favourites, but this month was a bit haphazard, with half of it spent in another country, so I haven't had many chances to try out new things! If you haven't seen it, in my last post, I tried out a new idea in which I spoke about my favourite moments in July. If you wanted to read that one, then you can do so by clicking HERE.

What were your favourites from July?