Monday, 8 August 2016

I've Been In Italy! | Life Update

Hey; it's been a while! I've been a bit rubbish with my blog lately, but I have a reason (one which I'd like to think is pretty reasonable...) - I've been on holiday with my family! We got back this morning after having spent three days in Rome and then two weeks in Lake Garda. We had the most amazing time, enjoying the sun, gorgeous views, and pretty great food. I spent a lot of the holiday acting like I knew what I was doing with my new camera, and pretending that I'm a good photographer (I'm not) but I would like to think that I took some decent shots. I have hundreds to sort through, but I'm definitely going to post them soon - so look out for them!

Before I went away, I'd drafted a June favourites and had ideas for a few other posts. My June favourites was almost ready to be published, but I had a couple of photos I still needed to take, but I was so busy in the few days before I went, so I forgot to take them didn't I?! I wasn't able to take my laptop away with me due to limited space, so even though I would have been able to take the photos, I wouldn't have been able to publish the post anyway! Now that I'm back though, I have quite a few ideas for new posts and so I'm hoping to be posting more regularly from now on!

Whilst I was on holiday, a few really cool things happened;

Firstly, one of my college/school friends started her own blog; 'These Empty Pages'! We both realised after meeting almost a year ago that we had a mutual love of YouTube and blogs, and so she became the second of my friends that I've actually ever told about my blog. She's always wanted to start a blog, and I was (probably excessively) encouraging about it. Anyway, she set up her blog very recently and she's still getting it all ready, but her first post is so eloquently written and so great to read. Also, the design is just beautiful. I know I'm slightly biased, but I would seriously recommend that you go on over and check it out. You can do so by clicking (HERE).
Also, if you like the look of her first post, make sure that you follow her Bloglovin account (HERE) so you don't miss out on her next posts!! You won't want to miss them!

Also, I came back to find that my blog had reached 5000 views, which I cannot believe. It's crazy knowing that so many people have viewed and read my writing and actually enjoyed it. My blog also turned a year old. I find it so strange to think that this little page, which I started in my long summer after GCSEs last year, has gained followers and gathered up views and comments. It's incredible how much I've loved having my own blog, although I'm definitely not the most organised with it all! And I'm so utterly grateful knowing that people enjoy being here, and I've made new blogging friends that I never would have otherwise. So I am thanking you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading this, and I hope you'll continue to be here.
Thank you.