Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Remembrance Day


Today was remembrance day. Quite an important day for me. Not because I've personally known anybody who's died or fought in a war, but because most people do know or have known a soldier or war veteran and I feel that it's very important to remember the dead and respect the living. 

We had a 2 minutes silence at college today, just like we did at work on Sunday and at the football on Saturday. I always like to use those 2 minutes wisely and actually thank those brave soldiers who lost their lives in WWI, WWII or any other wars since or before, and also to thank those fighting now. Their sacrifices have shaped our lives today and we would not be living how we do now if it hadn't been for them. So, thank you. 

The Royal British Legion is a charitable organisation which raises money to "provide thousands of modern veterans, Service men, women and their families with vital advice and support." So it really is a great charity, and doesn't just remember past war veterans, but helps current and future ones.

To the memory of the fallen, and the future of the living.
We will remember

Love as always,