Monday, 23 November 2015

Bella Italia's £5 Student Menu!

This is a quite random post, but I felt like writing something, and I thought this might do, so here we go!

I'm sure we've all heard of Bella Italia right? Well basically it's a restaurant selling Italian food (obviously) which tastes so nice! They have a student menu which is available from Sundays to Thursdays for just £5!!

You'd think that for a fiver, the portion would be at least a bit smaller right? But most likely quite noticeably small. No, it's a perfectly normal size, if not bigger and it tastes amazing! 

The other week, I went with two friends after school (one friend goes to the same college as me, one doesn't) and I got a spaghetti bolognaise (which was incredible). Today, after college I went again with one of those two friends and we shared a pizza. We chose the make-your-own (or equivalent type thing) with the beef ragu topping. - You can have two toppings though! I'm sorry for being so un-creative with my adjectives, but it was amazing! It was a great size and for only £5! So £2.50 each!

Okay, now this isn't on the student menu, but I have to recommend this to you anyway. Basically, the first time we went, my friend and I were really tempted by the 'Cookie dough Lava Cake' but ended up not having it because we were so full! This time though, we did have it, and this is what it looks like...

Gorgeous right? Yes, it was absolutely delicious, so if you ever go to Bella Italia, you should try it!

Anyway back to the Student Menu. So, all you need to do it present a valid student card/ID of some sort and go within the days it's available, and try it out!

Let me know if you do! Do you have any recommendations from the menu? I know I'll be going back soon!
Talk to you soon,
Love as always,