Monday, 11 April 2016

My Happiest Memories Part One/Two


 After being asked about the happiest moment of my life in my Liebster Award Tag Post (you can read it here), I was inspired to write a full post about my happiest memories.

Personally, I feel like people don't talk enough about what makes them happy, which is so wrong if you think about it. I think there's nothing better than listening to someone get lost in their happiness; you can see the joy in their smile, and I think that's something that needs to be spread more.

I have two memories that constantly stick out as being the happiest days of my life. I feel just as much joy when I think about them as I did on the day and I love remembering it.

The first one is when we went to Wembley. I don't know how many of you know, but I'm a football fan - my team being Norwich City. Last season, we were in the Championship (second tier of English Football) and we were in contention to be promoted to the Premier League. We came third in the league meaning that we were in the Play Offs. This is when the teams from 3rd - 6th play each other in semi-finals, and then the two winning teams go to Wembley for the Final. The winner of that has the joys of being promoted to the Premier League.

The team that came 3rd (us) played the team that came 6th. Much to the delight of all fans, the team that were 6th were our biggest rivals, Ipswich Town. That made beating them a million times more exciting. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to the match because I had a GCSE physics revision session which I made a conscious decision to go to instead. My sister went instead of me and she tells me how amazing it was to this day. Beating our rivals and then going to Wembley as a result is quite probably the best thing that has happened to our club.

Wembley was definitely the best day of my life.

We have quite a group of people who my Dad, Grandad and I always meet up with before home matches, but we went as a group of 25, alongside over 40,000 other Norwich Fans. My family went by train which was filled with a brilliant sea of yellow and green. Norwich fans coming from all over the country to watch this special game. As we arrived in London, everybody started chanting and singing and it all added to the incredible build up. I couldn't stop smiling.

We scored our first goal after 12 minutes, and then another came just 3 minutes later. I cannot explain to you how amazing the atmosphere was. I've never heard anything louder. We were jumping and screaming, waving flags, scarves and inflatable canaries, and there was a lot of singing. One of my dad's friends was in the seat behind my dad and after we scored, he tried to lift him up out of excitement, but my dad ended up falling on the floor! But nobody cared because we were winning 2-0 at Wembley. There was no greater feeling for a football fan.

If there was one thing that was great about the day, it was how brilliant all the fans were. Both teams were so friendly and kind; we got chatting to plenty of the Middlesbrough fans before the game and everybody wished each other good luck. Even after the game when we all gathered back at the pub, the Middlesbrough fans were incredible. I would not have liked to be in their position but they were brilliant about it. There were no unfriendly comments or aggression, and they all congratulated us on winning. That's one beautiful thing about football, that the fans are so supportive. I'm hoping Middlesbrough get promoted to the Premier League next season because they really deserve it. Their attitudes on the day are the reason football is such a brilliant sport.

I'm so grateful that I was able to go to Wembley. Norwich have only ever played there once before which was over 30 years ago and it wasn't arguably wasn't nearly as important as the play off final. I'm so grateful that it was in my lifetime, because it really truly was the best day.


Love as always,