Saturday, 25 July 2015

I Have a Sweet Tooth...

So, yeah... I have a sweet tooth. No, I really mean it. Seriously. 

If you give me a packet of sweets (and I mean one of those full sized ones) I will eat the whole thing straight away. Me leaving sweets til the next day is practically unheard of. If you gave me several packs in a day, I would eat them. I like to eat anything containing sugar, and a lot of them. I could represent Great Britain if a competition like this existed!

Some of my favourite sweets:

1. Percy Pigs: These. are. my. weakness. Honestly, these sweets are the best sweets I've ever tasted.
2. Skittles: I love these too. They have a much higher sugar content.
3. Chewits: These are less than 50% sugar! (I know right, still a lot, but as sweets go this is a reasonably low!)

As much as I love sweets, I'm starting to realise some problems with them. For example: I'm constantly feeling tired, and this is quite problematic for a 16 year old who's just gone through GCSEs and is about to start A-Levels.... Sweets contain a ridiculous amount of sugar! Sugar gives you a lot of energy in the short term, but a couple of hours later you'll be feeling really tired.

I think I'm addicted. Actually addicted.

I find it too hard to cut down how much sugar I eat because I'm constantly craving it! But recently, I have been trying hard not to give in to my cravings. And even though it's only been a few weeks since I started to eat more healthily, I'm already feeling so much better! I'm not tired as much so I'm in a better mood. Also, my skin's appearance has improved. Less sugar means fewer spots, yay!!

Here are some of my tips how to cut down on sugar!

1. Set some goals and be realistic: If I tried to suddenly cut out all sugar from my diet for a whole month, I wouldn't achieve anything, because my cravings would be too strong haha!! So it's more realistic for me to try not eat sweets for just a week. I'll see how that goes and then try something harder later on! *But remember, if you manage not to eat sweets for a week, it doesn't mean you can eat loads the next week. Treat yourself for achieving your goals but stick to your overall goals of being healthier!*

 2. Find an alternative that you really like: I like fruit but I don't ever find myself craving the normal apples, or oranges etc. Whereas in the summer, when fruits like strawberries and raspberries are available, I eat A LOT more fruit! I love strawberries, but not just any old ones - some can taste purely of water and be crunchy instead of sweet. If I find the perfect strawberry, I would choose it over sweets. I recommend the 'Marks and Spencer' strawberries. Honestly, I would die for these. Now, whenever I go into town, I always buy some! Find something that you prefer to sugar. Okay, often sweets are much cheaper than anything else, but put away an extra £1 a week and then buy your 'healthier alternative'. 

3. Finally, be tough on yourself: Now, this is something I need to work on. Don't give in to your cravings easily. You'll feel so much prouder of yourself for sticking to your goal, and also you'll feel healthier! Let others around you know what your goals are, so they know not to tempt you! (I often forget to tell my friends and this is where I go wrong!)

Good luck to anyone trying this out! Comment any suggestions you might have so that this post is as useful as it can be!! 

And thank you again for reading,