Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Film Review: We bought a zoo

Certificate: PG

In our household, this film is a firm favourite. It's just such an uplifting story, and based on one that is true so it has so much more meaning.

The film is set around the Mee family who are still grieving after the loss of their mother/wife. They decide to move away from their neighbourhood and start again, ending up (as the title suggests) buying an old closed down zoo! The film revolves around the story of the family working towards their deadline of re-opening the zoo, whilst also learning how to value their happy memories instead of being taken over by grief.

I love the fact that, although the story's background is very sad, the film itself is so uplifting and triggers your positive emotions, sometimes even making you laugh. Although I have personally never dealt with a close loss, I feel that it might be encouraging for anybody who might be going through this because it teaches you that it is possible to be happy creating new memories whilst still valuing your old happy memories!

This film is genuinely my favourite ever. It has a brilliant cast and the story is so motivational and is brought together by the music which is stunningly beautiful. In all honesty I could sit down and watch this film every day and I would never find it any less enjoyable.

If anybody has seen this film, or want to watch it, let me know what you think of it! It's a different kind of film, but in my opinion its still amazing! What are your favourite films?

Love, Georgia xxx

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