Friday, 24 July 2015

Starting with Make-Up

There is no set age for someone to start wearing make-up, nor is there anything that says you have to wear make-up. I remember for my 7th birthday, I had some friends round for a sleepover and my mum had bought me a cheap kids make-up set. It was purely for fun, including nothing more than basic lip glosses and some brightly coloured eyeshadows. I didn't start wearing proper make up until less than a year ago, and even now I only wear it when I can be bothered!

Before you start wearing make up, ask yourself the following question:

Why do you want to wear make-up?
There are so many people out there who use make-up as something to hide behind. They want to cover up their face that they think is "ugly". I'm very passionate that people should feel happy with the person they are. Be proud of yourself; there is only one of you in a world of 7 billion people! Embrace your differences! Sometimes I wear make-up just to cover up a couple of spots which in turn, makes me feel more confident, as I'm sure is the case with many others. There is nothing wrong with wearing make-up, but do so for the right reasons; If it makes you feel more confident, then go ahead, just don't hide behind it!!

My Starter Make-up Kit:

Foundation: Foundation is the base layer of make-up. It's commonly used by people to give their skin an even skin tone of one colour. I would recommend one of the following: 

'Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation'
 *When buying foundation, make sure you use the tester to ensure you buy the right shade!*

Concealer: I prefer concealer to foundation. It's used under the eyes, to cover spots etc. Concealer is thicker than foundation so it's only meant to be used on certain areas (e.g. under the eyes) and not over the whole face. It can be worn as well as, or instead of foundation. The ones I use are:
*As with the Foundation, you should test the concealers to ensure you buy the right shade.*

Powder: I use this because I have oily skin, and the powder tends to keep my makeup in place and stops it running throughout the day. Also, I personally find that if I touch my face with make-up on, it will rub of onto my hand, whereas the powder prevents this! The one I use is:

'Rimmel London Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder' (I couldn't find the online link, so this one is similar) 
*Powders are often clear so you don't need to worry about testing for the right shade.*

Mascara: It enhances your eye-lashes to make them look darker, thicker, longer etc. There are many different types of Mascara for different purposes and different price ranges, but my one is very cheap and I haven't had any problems with it and I really like it!

*You can get different coloured Mascaras but I prefer to use a plain black one.*

There are more kinds of make-up that you can wear as well as the above: Eyeshadow, Lipsticks, Blusher, Bronzer, Highlighter, but this is what I like to wear when I wear make-up. 
I would recommend that if you're just starting out with makeup to just start off with a concealer and powder, then maybe try out a foundation, and if you want to buy a nice lipstick or mascara. But remember, you can wear as little or as much make-up as you want! Enjoy!

I hope this post was helpful! Thank you so much for reading!