Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Blog Tour Award

Whilst reading my comments, I found that the lovely Oana had nominated me for the Blog Tour Award! It was absolutely amazing to be nominated by not only Charlotte (who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award) but by Oana as well for this award!

I started up this blog less than 3 weeks ago, so already to have 123 bloglovin followers reading my blog, let alone to have 2 nominations, is just...I can't even... Just thank you so much, to everybody who's reading this! I've already found that this blogging community is truly inspirational; I've read nothing but positive and encouraging comments on not only my posts but others' as well. It's such a beautiful thought that bloggers are encouraging other bloggers who they don't even know in person. It's so motivating, and I'm so glad that I started this blog!!

Anyway, now back to the subject of The Blog Tour Award!

Just like The Versatile Blogger Award, at first I had no idea what The Blog Tour Award was! But Oana gave me a link to her post which explains it perfectly. I'll attempt to explain it myself but I'll link Oana's post here so you can read her's too (also, check out here blog in full - it's brilliant!)

So, explanation attempt, here we go...
  • Firstly, answer the following four questions about your blog in a post on a Monday specified by your nominator (although I'm going to do this today, and I'm sure it doesn't matter too much when you do it, as long as you pass on the good vibes!)
  • Pass on the tour by nominating at least 4 other bloggers.
  • Finally, it's suggested that you tell your nominations when to post their post but I'm going to leave that bit up to you!

So now for the questions...

How does your work differ from others in your genre?
To be honest, I suppose it doesn't really. There are so many bloggers out there that it's almost impossible to be different with your content. However every blog is by a different person and this blog is by me, so although my overall content may be similar elsewhere, I try to make mine more unique by expressing a bit of personality in my posts. 

How does your writing/creative process work?
Well as I said earlier, this blog is a new-born of less than 3 weeks, so I haven't established myself a routine yet. I'm currently on my summer holidays, so I post whenever I have an idea and the time to write. I basically just think of something I like, for example my favourite outfits (I'm in the process of sorting out this post. It'll be up soon!) and then I get writing when I have time and feel like it!

Why do you write and create what you do?
I'd always admired youtubers for having the confidence to make videos they enjoy whilst being so good at it!! I loved the idea of having my own channel as a little project to gradually improve at, but I literally can't stand the sound of my own voice, so editing videos would be cringe worthy, not to mention time-consuming! I thought about a blog, checked some out, and decided that it would be just as fun!! And oh my goodness it is. It's already something I look forward to; thinking up ideas and writing them. And it feels so rewarding, having other bloggers appreciate your posts even if it was just a few facts about yourself! I think that's a huge reason why I love it, the people, the people I've never met, but whose posts I already love reading, the community!

What are you working on at the moment?
I'm trying to get myself organised to post my current favourite outfits. But, I don't have a great camera so have to use my phone which doesn't have a timer. Sooo the only way I can do this is to get my sister to take the photos, and whenever I remember to ask her, she's out. I promise, I'll get myself organised and do it soon!! Also, after reading Oana's blog, I've discovered her weekly "Friday Fav Five" and I love the idea of having a regular themed post, almost like a series! I'd love to do one soon, so I'm trying to think of my own series to start soon!!!

Now for my nominations!! 

Please go and check out everyone's blog and share the love around! By nominating your favourite bloggers you can support them and help them to grow their audiences! The Blog Tour Award really is an incredible idea!

Thank you for reading,
Love, as always, Georgia xxx