Friday, 28 August 2015

Why I Love: Italy

Hey everyone!

About 2 weeks ago, I did a post called "Why I Love: Louise Pentland" and I wanted to make it the first installment of a "Why I Love" series. In this 'series' I'm going to talk about things, places, people (etc.) that I love and today I felt like telling you why I love Italy, so here it is. "Why I Love: Italy" - Enjoy!

Three years ago, my parents decided that we were going to go on our holidays to Italy instead of finding a new place to stay in France. They'd been before and thought that it was a great idea to take me and my sister this time. So we went to stay near Lake Garda, and since that time we have been back, and are planning to go again soon!

Honestly, if you haven't been, I seriously recommend you think about it! I feel so lucky to have been! There's so much to do! If you're a sight-seeing sort of person, then there is LOADS to see, but if you're the sort of holiday-er who wants to go and be active, then there is LOADS to do! You can go mountain biking, walking, boating, swimming (in pools and in the lakes!), windsurfing and also paragliding! - You can't really be bored there! Also, you'd expect the restaurants to be really expensive, but they are amazingly cheap! You can get a Margarita pizza (which by the way is both huge and authentically Italian - so in other words the best!) for literally 5 euros! So it is so much cheaper than a restaurant in the UK and you get the added benefits of the warm nights, and amazing views!!

We're more of a sight-seeing family so we spend most of the holiday just exploring, so I'm going to share some of the pictures I took whilst there!! - I hope you like them!!

View from the mountains

The Mountain Valleys

A little plaza in one of the towns

Cute little clock tower which we went up

The colourful harbour

Looking out to the lake

Beauty of the harbour

So bluuueee!

Cute little sculpture/statue

All the trees in front of the lake

Beautiful view from another harbour

Yet another view from a harbour!
The Mountains from the Lake

View from the Ferry: The ferries act as buses across the lake, so you don't even need a car!!

The Lake in the distance

The colourful buildings - so beautiful!

The Cathedral in Milan - about 2 hours away from the Lake
River at night - sorry for the bad photo!
Me trying to be a pro photographer...
All the windsurfers on the lake
Thought these were cute

Another view from the Mountains!

Another shot from the Ferry!!

My Favourite 

 Hope you liked this post! Have you ever been to Italy? What's your favourite holiday destination? Thank you for reading,

Love as always,
Georgia xxx

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